Thomas G Clarke started his photographic career by becoming a darkroom technician working for the Manchester Evening News

He undertook a five year apprenticeship scheme which included a three year course at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology where he was taught practical and pure photography.

It was an interesting period with the rapid evolution in cameras and technology. Over a relatively short period saw the standard professional camera change from a 5″x4″ plate camera, through a 2ΒΌ square Rolleiflex film camera and onto 35mm Nikon. Looking back at the period, the quality produced by a plate camera on a black and white print, still takes some beating.

Tom progressed to become a full time press photographer initially working as a staff photographer for the Oldham Evening Chronicle. The subject matter he covered was so diverse, it gave an excellent grounding, from meeting royalty to photographing the launch of the Range Rover and hiding in bushes for hours eventually getting an exclusive picture of the then infamous Harry Himes of Centre Point fame. Eventually Thomas worked as a freelance photographer for several national newspapers.

Bobby Charlton special

The highlight of his career during this period was receiving a plaque from Princess Anne at the London reception of a National Competition for Professional Photographers. The recognition was in the Sports Section, ‘A Bobby Charlton Special’ one of the greatest players for England and Manchester United.

After several years, Tom left the industry but never lost his passion for photography which developed from general subjects to animals, both above and below the waterline and landscapes especially sunsets.

Over recent years photography has again taken over business commitments and the majority of Tom’s time is now spent ‘living’ photography. We hope you to can share the ‘Natures Wild Images’ displayed on this site and order your favourite limited edition photograph. It will be dispatched for you also to enjoy !